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Are your subscribers receiving your newsletters? Are your mailings being banned? Are your emails bouncing? We provide you with the information you need to make sure your emails are reaching your subscribers, and help keep your lists free of undeliverable, or "bounced", email addresses.

1 You send hundreds/ thousands of your newsletters/mailings to your subscribers at semi-regular intervals.
Send multiple emails to your subscribers
2Your subscriber mail servers return Delivery Status Notification emails to you, "Delay", "Failure", and optional "Success" responses.
Receive DSN responses from subscriber mail servers

3 We download these emails from your server, automatically read/process them, and produce searchable data including delivery status, date, email address, email domain, server response, list number, mailing/campaign ID, complete with statistics on delivered, delayed, "blacklisted"/rejected, and undeliverable email, including pie charts.

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Mailings being banned?
America Online (AOL) says:
"AOL may reject connections from servers whose recipient lists consistently generate a higher than 10% bounce failure rate. (i.e. over 10% of a sender's mailing list is destined for users that do not exist on our system)"
Gmail says:
"To help ensure that your messages aren't flagged as spam, we also recommend that you automatically unsubscribe users whose addresses bounce multiple pieces of mail."
AOL, MSN/Hotmail, Yahoo! and Gmail all insist that you remove your bounced emails!

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